Asthma Allergy – Milk And Dairy Products

Milk and the related dairy products are common causes of food allergy that could be the cause of your asthma trigger. Asthma is one of the problems that is becoming increasingly worse in today’s world. In fact, this situation is getting worse at such a rate that it is becoming alarming to many in the medical and health care industry. To make matters worse, it is very difficult to pinpoint the actual trigger or root cause of the asthma. If you are constantly having asthma, you should check and see if it could be a food allergy that is the cause of your condition. One of the most common foods that many people are allergic to is milk and its related dairy products.The problem is, the powerful dairy industry and the advertising industry have conditioned us since we were kids that milk is the absolute perfect food for the human being. They have brought across the message so strongly that if you are not drinking milk, you are at risk of osteoporosis and low bone density as a result of low calcium. However, drinking cow’s milk regularly can make our bodies sensitive to it to the point where it develops multiple allergic reactions, one of it being asthma attacks. Milk causes excessive mucus production in the lungs of some sensitive people and causes breathing difficulties.Try eliminating milk from your diet and see if your asthma condition improves. Your asthmatic condition should improve instantly and you will find that you are able to breath much easier when your lungs and breathing passage clear up. Research shows that over half of all infants and young children suffer from unknown milk allergies. When milk and dairy products are withheld from their diet, their condition instantly improves. As for your daily calcium needs, you can take calcium supplements instead. There are many other sources of calcium other than milk products.The milk protein in the milk is highly likely to be the culprit for the milk related asthma. Some people may not be allergic to the milk per se, but they could be allergic to the antibiotics that is passed from the cows into the milk. If you or your child is asthmatic, you should eliminate milk and its related products entirely from the diet.If you find that your asthma is usually triggered when you go to work, you may also want to find out if you are having work related asthma, which is also a common cause of asthma.